Instagram or Facebook? In the social media era, Facebook and Instagram have provided a tremendous amount of support to businesses and people all around the world. Some prefer one over the other, while some prefer both equally. Instagram was an out-of-the-box-idea that came out of the blue. At a time when Facebook was the top dog, who could have imagined something like Instagram might pop up and take over the social media haul? Many didn’t, but Freaks like Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are the masterminds behind Instagram, they believed in their out-of-the-box-idea and made it a reality. Freaks unlike most entrepreneurs, are different when they’re “on the field”. They are able to bring together like-minded people and build a community that can grow big and gets immense success.

Instagram came into existence in October 2010 with two students at Stanford University, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. Their goal was to build the world’s largest mobile photo-sharing app. Mike Krieger majored in management science and engineering while Kevin Systrom studied psychology and computer science – isn’t that interesting already?

Instagram’s first launch was for iPhones only, it had a simple interface, and was easy to use. Pictures could be posted in three basic steps. Within the first few hours, downloads were rising up, systems were crashing, and app installations were off the charts. Combined with their pro marketing strategies, and dedication to deliver, people took to their idea, gaining 25,000 users within 24 hours, and were then hit with 300,000 more in the next three weeks. Growth for Instagram never stopped. Well, Stopped? It never paused! Their numbers kept on going up turning to tens and thousands of millions.

One can say that most entrepreneurs are freaks, but not all freaks are entrepreneurs Krieger and Systrom had the skills that made them work with an out-of-the-box-idea. But, It takes more than effort and skills to be Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. What was their spark? What was their mindset? Well,

  • In order to have a successful venture, you need to identify unique points, learn how to build relationships with clients, and learn how to sell.
  • The expertise of specific abilities is critical to each business. These include but are not limited to, fundamental legitimate contract abilities, marketing skills, sales skills, and finance skills.
  • Freaks usually stick together, they are drawn towards networks and communities filled with like-minded people rather than your average conventional setting.

Even if you have mastered a few skills, or are passionate about achieving goals, it is important to understand the difference between getting results and getting successful results. If your core focus is getting successful results then working with discipline is a fundamental rule among others. To build a strong empire you need to maintain discipline. Practicing self-discipline is an important part of being a good leader, it helps you shape your business, sharpen your skills and achieve goals

Instagram was an out-of-the-box-idea that a group of freaks came up with. They had their objective clear since day one. A freak is not just someone with a passion, but someone who overcomes their fears, learns from experiences, implies their skills in every way possible, and works with sincere discipline. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are living examples for us. They gave competition to one of the kings of social media yet they were successful. If they can, you can too!

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