Startup Expenses & Capitalization

Estimating startup expenses as accurately as possible helps you gather enough startup capital. At Jacob International Group we detail the expenses involved in opening or expanding your business and precisely outfit your capital requirements. With Grow My Business you will be navigated in convincing investors or lenders to finance your business and steered in persuading partners to join your company.

In relation to securing money needed to start the business or raising capital, we assist you in explaining how much each investor will contribute and what percentage of ownership each receives in return.

Startup Expenses Capitalization

Raising capital from banks is usually straightforward. Bankers generally want to know how much money you’re seeking, its usage, projections about the business growth, repayment terms and your existing liens against your collateral.

On the other hand, raising capital from investors is more intricate. Investors are looking for dramatic growth, and they expect you to share in the rewards. Grow My Business lead your success in getting funding with the following.

  • Short-term investment amount
  • Investment amount in two to five years
  • How you’ll use the money to grow your business
  • Estimated return on investment
  • Exit strategy for investors (buyback, sale, or IPO)
  • Percentage of ownership you will give investors
  • Milestones or conditions you will accept
  • Financial reporting you will provide to investors
  • How involved investors will be on the board or in management

Our decisions are based on the viability of the business idea or expansion and development plans. Priorities are given to projects that have high growth potential in competitive markets and industries across multi sectors anywhere around the world.

Expansion and Development Plans

Business Affiliate Program

We have introduced the ‘business development affiliate program’ to promote enterprises with authenticity. It assists you in growing your business prospects broadly. Our clients can register for the Affiliate Program Lead anytime.

This service has been extended mainly for entrepreneurs and smaller sized companies who have a passion and commitment to deliver the best of services to our customers while considering their utmost satisfaction and comfortability.

As a group of professionals, we care about all the basic concerns of our clients regarding business, and we assist them in a profound style. 

We help you find and deploy the right software for your business

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We give all these services with authenticity and believe in formulating a trusted relationship between your company and our clients.