Result Oriented Coaching

Results Oriented Coaching

At Jacob International Group, we offer three types of coaching: business coaching, personal coaching, and life coaching.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching helps you reach your business goals. At Jacob International group, we provide you with result-oriented coaching where professionals help you achieve your business goals and devise strategies which would allow for your business to spread its roots.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching has much more to do with your personal life alongside your business life. We offer personal coaching for aspiring individuals so they can outspread their business in the contemporary world and enrich their life experiences. Personal coaching not only enhances your branding strategy but also assists you with personal growth. Personal Coaching can help you become confident in dealing with customers and creates a work-life balance with just a few sessions.

Our coaches provide support, advice, feedback, as well as enthusiasm so you can know there is someone rooting for you along with providing you with valuable advice. Their valuable insights and experiences allow you to achieve your personal as well as business goals. The core focus lies on the here and now than any distractions.

Life Coach

When you hire a Life Coach from Jacob International Group, we make sure that you are provided an opportunity to learn, grow, and make your overall life better than it already is. Our coaches use powerful questioning skills to build trust and rapport with their clients. They know how to redirect your thinking, set plans of action, and achieve value-based goals. In short, they help you get from point A to point B and onwards.

Coaching Styles

Our professional coaches offer their services in a variety of coaching styles including:


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Whether you hire a Business Coach, Personal Coach, or Life Coach from Jacob International Group, rest assured, they are professionals and know what they are doing.

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