Career Development

Career Development​

Career development is the process of self-exploration, making decisions, and gaining knowledge that is lifelong by nature. It not only shapes your career, but it gets you adequately equipped to train skills relevant to your current job. It helps you get qualified in several generic skills including personal skills and allows you to access externally recognized qualifications for your continued professional development.

Career development helps create opportunities for varied experiences within your current job as well as create opportunities to apply for other jobs or assignments. In short, we can call career development a detailed and comprehensive program for combining training, skills, and work assignments to help in the professional development of ones career.

There are five main stages in the career development process:

Career Development Process

Career development may be an easy transition for many, whereas some may struggle with extreme difficulties due to lack of proper guidance. This is where Jacob International Group comes in, to level the field for everyone.

We offer a lot of services pertaining to career development and offer a variety of training programs that can also help young graduates by pointing them in the right direction along with providing them with all the necessary tools that are essential to get the right professional start.

Our services are all-inclusive. If you believe that you or your business can benefit from our career development services, then we would be more than happy to help. There are a variety of services we offer:

Training and Internship Program
Training & Internship Programs
Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Entrepreneurship & Leadership
Business Training
Business Training

Personality Assesment

Career Exploration
Career Exploration
Job Hunt
Job Hunt & Interviews
Digital CV Builder
Digital CV Builder

How Can Someone Get Started?

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