Website Development

Website Development

We transform your company into the new “it” brand, through our web development services, whereby we keep end-user needs at the forefront of our thinking and follow a meticulous process for execution.

Our services include the design, programming, and development of a website and offer content creation and SEO services. The team of professional web designers at Jacob International Group are well versed in HTML, XML, JavaScript, Python, and other programming languages for standard and mobile-enabled sites.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, our web development services cater the rightful website designs suited best for your brand, the target audience you serve and the products and services you offer.

At the core of our design thinking is easy navigation, coupled with a great layout and good use of imagery, text, and video which all go hand in hand in enabling an exceptional user experience.

Our Methodology

In principle an informative site is different from an e-commerce site while gated sites, whether free or subscription-based, are different from open sites. At Jacob International Group we follow a standard web design process to ensure timely and efficient delivery.
Website Design Methodology


We examine your site goals and what features, and functionalities are essential to serve your business requirements and your customers’ needs through an early discovery phase. This involves research and planning using a variety of analytical methods of exploration. To maintain a strategic overview when making decisions throughout the website design process we look at the following components.

  • We take a strategic approach to assess the needs of your organization by looking at your long-term objectives. This goals identification process explicates what actions the website needs to carry out and how are they compatible with your business’s goals and visions.
  • If you already have a standing website, we collect dynamic insights about your user behavior, your site performance, and your user flows in conjunction with probing your competition, the best practices in your industry and the trends which are most liked by your niche or target audience.
  • To enhance your user experience, we develop typical user profiles/ personas which sets the foundation for an informed design process.
  • Develop your sitemap which entails the top-level navigation and sketch a wireframe structure to illustrate how the content and functionality will be laid out on a page to serve your user needs and customer journey.
  • We create a technical specification document that outlines how we’ll build the website

User Experience (UX)

Using our flow diagrams from the discovery phase, our UX designers carefully design a fluid optimal experience across the entire persona journey to make sure it’s engaging and efficient.
Website Design User Interface
The output of our user experience design are interactive prototypes as well as testing designs. This allows us to co-create and test use cases and journeys. During this procedure we develop reliable wireframes, which helps in visualizing how the site might work before adding the visual elements.
Website Design User Experience

User Interface (UI)

We create a visual ‘look and feel’ for the website and ensure it appeals to your target audience on their journey through the website. Our designers aim to create interfaces which users find easy to use and pleasurable and communicate your brand values and reinforce users’ trust. Some of the elements of our UI practices include maintaining high discoverability, focusing on chief function per page, keeping customers informed about system responses, maintaining brand consistency and more.

To finish, we apply the visual elements in line with your brand guidelines to the user interface (UI). Our services include the use of high-quality images organized through mood boards and visual guides for a consistent brand identity.

Content Creation and SEO Support

Creating outstanding website content is a major step towards reaching your website and communication goals. Our content creation plans are designed to sets the tone that supports your brand and communication objectives. This involves evaluating the information needed to tell your story, the key marketing messages, the brand style and finding the balance to keep the visitors enamored and to deliver a remarkable website experience that drives engagement.

 Correspondingly, our website content development involves SEO support services which are premeditated to boost your website visibility by search engines, while keeping your content well-written and informative. Our SEO services include site audits, technical error fixes (broken links), blog content creation, link building activity, local search optimization and more. This informs development and guides future content development and SEO performance.

Website Development
Website Development
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Website Launch
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Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance
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Website Evaluation
Website Evaluation
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A website is always work-in-progress and should continually evolve to meet changing demands. Once the site goes live, you can continually run user testing on features, monitor analytics, refine your messaging in line with changes in your company or update with more functionalities or easier interactions.
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