Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Be an influencer in the digital world with us and discover your competitors to beat them in their own game of brands by dominating social platforms. So, grab our hand and invite a new wave of fans to your brand with our social programs and campaigns.

Grow My Business social media management team believe in keeping a validating and trusting relationship with you; hence we offer you services of ample followership on social media platforms with a result-oriented approach, which allows increases in sales and promotion of your brand.

We perform the best at optimizing operations with efficient tools for reporting and analyzing, bid management, social media promotions, governance and many more that comes around your roadmap

Integrated Social Media Services

Social Media Listening and Analytics

  • Monitor your brand’s performance across all social platforms and online, blogs and forums.
  • Our service coverage entails the major social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Tik Tok & YouTube.
  • Get access to an AI analytics engine for fast data filtering and insights.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing activities against business impact metrics such as sales, media spend, website conversions and more.
  • Deliver deep competitive analysis across content, campaigns, audiences, influencers and so on.
  • Address your key performance indicators across share of voice, reach, mentions, engagement rates, sentiment along with many other indicators.
  • Measure the impact of your earned and owned activity and measure your social media performance which includes community growth, activity and reach across different geographic markets and over time.
  • Identify influencers and detractors to target to improve performance and create campaigns.
  • Provide automated and fully customizable reports for every level from analysts to c-level.

Manage Social Media Workflow

  • Social media channels Integration.
  • Real time analytics on all your social media channels.
  • Publishing, content calendar, content library, assignation, and validation workflow across the team.
  • Customer service including team analytics, assignment manager and auto tagging

Measure Your Social Media Impact

  • Measure the contribution of paid and owned social media.
  • Benchmark growth again competition.
  • Quickly categorize posts and compare against historical data.
  • Equip social media teams to report revenue impact of social leadership.
  • Clarify the connection between social media and web traffic metrics.
  • Align social media measurement according to your company KPIs.
  • Gather social media insights to influence strategies across your business.
  • Create a social ROI dashboard which entails daily recommendations, post level ROI calculation, content theme analysis, competitor analysis, and per platform analysis.
  • Web analytics setup, goals, and tagging best practices for brand tracking competitor profiles.

Social Media Information Security and Governance

  • Enable standardization of security policy and controls across branded social media accounts.
  • Specify policies for business units, divisions, and groups as part of the workflow.
  • Automated content moderation filtering for acceptable use and compliance.
  • Profile Lock which helps prevent hackers and hijackers from co-opting brand owned accounts with help of alerts.
  • Automated account discovery which helps your team find, categorize, and monitor social media accounts affiliated with your brand using advanced search technology.
  • Automatic take down.

Create Social Media Employee Advocacy Program

  • Deployment of the employee advocacy program.
  • Boost awareness of brand.
  • Increase employee engagement, happiness, and retention.
  •  Measure and optimize team participation, content performance, and social reach.

Social Media Key Performance Indicators

We set our social media KPIs based on the objectives of your campaigns.
Key Performance Indicators

Influencer Marketing Program

  • Genuity & Interest
    True interest in brand being promoted and genuinely wants to advocate.
  • Content Adaptability
    Capability to create content requested in the most organic and natural way.
  • Target Audience
    Engaging followers which are relevant to the country the influencer is in.
  • Influencer Location
    Influencer will be located in the country they are targeting ensuring the communication is relevant.

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