Public Relations Software

Public Relations software allows PR professionals to effectively collaborate your contacts, as well as plan, manage, distribute, and track your campaigns.

Reputation Management Software

This Software is designed to help you monitor and manage your online business reviews across all online channels, such as review sites and social media. It aims to help businesses capture customer experiences by identifying and responding to negative reviews, generating new reviews, and promoting positive customer experiences.

Some platforms also come with a sentiment analysis tool to indicate positive, negative, or neutral experiences, allowing companies to identify major problems and take steps to address the issue where possible.

Reputation management software also enables marketing departments to measure and evaluate customers’ reactions to marketing campaigns and help companies better plan future outreach.

Social Media Monitoring Software

Social Media Monitoring software automates tracking of activities that are of interest to your business across blogs and social networks.

Social Media Marketing Software

Automates the creation, tracking, and management of online campaigns through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. This software helps with publishing coupons and promotions, as well as collecting customer response metrics.

Social media marketing platforms offer integrated email that could be linked to multiple accounts in any of the social networks thus creating a single, go-to place for several simultaneous campaigns. Social media marketing software is closely related to social monitoring software and many solutions offer both capabilities in one package.

Social Media Management Software

Businesses use Social Media Management software to track, publish, and update content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media outlets.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics tools provide you a single place to track the performance of all your social media accounts, campaigns, ad performance, and other metrics that matter to you most. Users don’t have to look for analytics for individual social media accounts, as all the metrics are able to be seen in a centralized location for efficient monitoring of your brand. Some social media tools come with premade dashboards that allow you to customize as per your business needs.

The solution helps you to understand your audience using social media data. You can see when your audience is typically online, what trending hashtags they are using, their sentiments, languages, and locations. Social media analytics tools also help in identifying which influencers are more engaging to use within your content.

Some of these tools offer a built-in competitor tracking system to measure their performance. The software helps in tracking various parameters such as followers on different platforms, engagement, and performance of a competitor’s content. This also helps in identifying and tracking a competitor’s unique social media content strategy and avoid mistakes they are making.

Social Media Networking Software

Social networking software allows users within your organization to collaborate on specific tasks by sharing various types of media with one another. With social networking software, users involved in a specific project have a virtual shared workspace, allowing them to receive updates and news about meetings, events, and other information vital to their individual project roles. Internal social networking content can also be shared externally (in the form of articles, blogs, podcasts, and newsletters).

Social CRM Tools

A social customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a combination of the features of social media and CRM software. The tool helps businesses engage with customers on various social media platforms. Businesses can track, monitor, and respond to all customer interactions using a centralized dashboard. This avoids asking employees to individually review hundreds of posts, mentions, comments, and hashtags every day.

Influencer Marketing Software

Helps marketing professionals discover, develop, and track relationships with prominent social influencers to connect with their audience and promote corporate brands. It also enables marketing teams to view, edit, approve, and/or reject influencer-generated content from a single platform.

An influencer marketing tool also enables businesses to monitor influencer marketing campaigns and derive data-based insights while ensuring the following:

  • Filter and segment influencers based on their niche
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Campaign management and communication tools
  • Streamline influencer relationship management efforts
  • Influencer content dashboard to evaluate the performance
  • Import and export of influencer data

Social Selling Software

Social selling software enables businesses to engage with prospects and sell goods and services through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This software helps sales personnel advertise products and services on social media platforms, address sales queries, and share product-related information with their connections.

Social selling software is related to categories such as social media marketing, social media management, social CRM, and influencer marketing software.

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