Customer Journey Management

Rising Customer Expectations

When bundled with desires and expectations, price, quality, choice and convenience, which sit at the heart of the customer needs, prove to be insufficient parameters which motivate and drive the customer’s anticipated conditions of a purchase.
Rising Customer Expectations

Benefits of Customer Journey Management

A unified view alone will not magically transform the customer experience and produce the desired results. A single customer view should be the preliminary point on your path to track end-to-end customer journeys, so you can get actionable insights to engage with customers with the right message at the right time through their preferred channel.

With customer journey management you will enhance your company’s capability to orchestrate personalized actions and deliver optimal customer experiences that drive success and business outcomes, such as customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth.

Delivering Personalized Experiences

Personalizing the customer experience efficiently is perhaps the most critical factor for your customer and prospect engagement. Even though digital commerce is the foremost used case for personalization, their personalization engine focus mainly on the outcomes of the digital commerce than CX personalization.

Customer experience which is driven by the buyers’ expectations for personalization are rising and is creating a gap between what companies can deliver and what customers desire. While we can’t fully foresee how CX will evolve in the future, employing a customer journey management will help your company stay customer focused.

What is Customer Journey Management?

Customer journey management empowers you not only to quantify, monitor and optimize your customers’ experiences, but bring into line your entire corporation with your customers’ goals. As such, customer centric organizations:

  • Identify journeys based on customer goals
  • Map business success signals to customer journey
  • Measure and envisage journey success
  • Comprise corrective actions
  • Track journey success scores
  • Prioritize investments in underachieving journeys


While many corporations seem to be familiar with the journey management across marketing, customer service, operations or even customer experience squads, few can discern between journey management and multi-channel campaign management. which is all about cultivating capabilities or measuring interactions at distinct touchpoints.

At Jacob International Group we guide your customer journey management process by aligning your business around your customer and their goals. Soon you will be able to measure, monitor and create actions in the context of each customer’s current objective, rather than automating actions prearranged around a marketing objective such as improved conversion.

Measure Customer Experience through Customer Journey Approach

Using a journey-based approach in measuring the customer experience creates a direct correlation customer behavior and business metrics such as revenue, profitability, churn, and customer lifetime value.

 As such, you will be able to assess the success of each customer journey by incorporating the metrics which capture the value expected by your customer and the KPIs your business is measured by such as conversion, NPS, CSAT and more.

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For the past decade, there’s been abounding discussions delivering a personalized experience as if it’s simply about “providing each customer with the right offer at the right time.” However, this simplistic approach typically fails to consider the complex, cross-channel journeys that capture real-world customer experiences.

  • Identify root cause of behavior
  • Design, improve and test journeys
  • Evaluate and optimize journey performance
  • Quantify the ROI of CX initiatives

it’s time for you to move beyond rule-based workflows and adopt customer journey orchestration to enable customer experience, customer care, product, and marketing teams to coordinate initiatives and deliver seamless experiences across touchpoints.

Customer Journey Management Process

Change your optimizing single interactions at each touchpoint to managing the journeys customers take as they seek to achieve a goal. Our Enterprise Customer Journey Management solutions will empower your organization in delivering an exceptional customer experience.
Customer Journey Management Process

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