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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to calculate Net Market Contributions (NMC)?

Net Market Contributions NMC = Market Demand X Market Share X Price / Unit – Variable Cost / Unit – Marketing Expenses.

Q2. How to calculate Market Share?

Market Share = Product X Price X Place X Promotion X Service.

Q3. How to calculate Customer Lifetime (N)?

Customer Lifetime N = 1/1 – Customer Retention Rate.

Q4. How to calculate Marketing Return on Investment (MROI)?

Marketing Return on Investment MROI = NMC / Marketing Expenses X 100.

Q5. How to calculate Marketing Return on Sales (MROS)?

Marketing Return on Sales MROS = NMC / Sales Revenue X 100.

Q6. How to calculate Market Development Index?

Market Development Index = Current Demand / Maximum Demand X 100.

Q7. How to calculate Market Share Index?

Market Share Index = Market Share / Potential Market Share X 100.