Our Culture

The culture of motivation and enthusiasm at Jacob International Group is designed around the below guiding principles, to better integrate our employees and to help them prove their professional worth and to deliver exceptional quality work to our clients.
Skills and Qualities

At Jacob International Group, we have a strong emphasis on the development of our employees who make it all happen. From practicing a healthy work-life balance to great perks and benefits, our corporate culture is all about supporting our employees’ goals and diverse lifestyles.

  • Flexible Working Hours
    Our employees can work flexible hours on weekdays.
  • Healthcare and Insurance
    We offer our employees’ healthcare which covers dental, disability and life coverage.
  • Parental Leave
    Employees can benefit from parental leave (up to 480 days) with our parental leave program.
  • Staff Rewards
    We reward our staff with special wellness and education programs. Every month, we reimburse staff for their massage therapy or yoga classes. We also pay tuition for workers who enroll in university classes related to their careers.
  • Staff Engagement
    We subsidize organic meals in our office café and staff members’ kids can spend weekdays at our affiliate childcare center and frolic in the playground.

    Staff members receive discounts on cleaning services, tickets to music events and various other purchases.

  • Company Events
    We hold numerous events that allow our employees to showcase their skills and share ideas that can help us to better help our clientele. Employees are encouraged and welcome to attend Jacob International Group events through our employee event / camp reward program.
  • Corporate Social Responsibly
    When employees donate to approved charities, we match their contributions up to a limit per year.

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