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Mobile App Development

The team of business analysts at Jacob International group set the roadmap for your project execution through a comprehensive industry assessment, competitor examination and user persona analysis to tailor your mobile strategy for your niche market to position you apart from the rest of the competition.

During the planning stage we probe your mobile app concept. Our design thinking process involves expert UX and UI designers who can create an interactive prototype intended to test the logic of your mobile app, the working model and the usability and sustainability of the user experience which compliments the overall success of the application.

To ensure optimal performance, we deploy technologies around use cases, supported devices and platforms, data, and third-party integrations. Also, our mobile app strategy entails copious instruments and actionable plans to drive acquisitions, engagement and retention.

In maintaining a customer centric app which evolves around the usability, we evaluate the ergonomics through the continuous collection of information around user behavior.

Native Mobile App Development

Native Mobile App Development

Web Application Development Services

Mobile App Web Application Development Services


Mobile App Testing

Quality Assurance

Mobile App Quality Assurance

Mobile App Publishing

We provide mobile app publishing services with necessary design, tutorials, and video advertisings. We also help with app descriptions to ensure search optimization and provide analytic tools that help to understand user behavior for continuous developments and improvements in your mobile app experience.

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