Entrepreneurship & Leadership Academy​

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Academy​

We are committed to building an all-inclusive future by using our expertise and putting everyone at the center of what we do. We help in creating and developing a focus on what entrepreneurship is and what it needs in leadership. Hence, we provide adequate business knowledge regarding leadership and give access to the resources and tools quintessential for entrepreneurs to become true leaders. 

Here we have developed an all-Inclusive program under the Jacob International Group Academy for Entrepreneurship & Leadership.

We help entrepreneurs unlock their true potential where their dream of having their own business, product, or service is realized as we help them determine:

  • What their niche industry truly is.
  • How to conduct extensive market research.
  • The education pertaining to their line of work.
  • How to build their business de novo.

This allows us to take them the route to a leadership highway mindset and teach them to:

  • Create an inspiring vision for the future (using tools like Porter’s Five Forces, PEST Analysis, Core Competence Analysis, USP Analysis, SWOT Analysis).
  • Motivate and inspire people.
  • Manage the delivery of their vision.
  • Coach and build a team so that it is more effective to achieve their vision.

Our Clients

At our Entrepreneurship & Leadership Academy, we offer several services to our clients that enable their professional growth to move up to unprecedented levels and bring forth capabilities they are unaware of. Our target audience includes, but are not limited:

Our Clients

Why Choose Us

At Jacob International Group, we will allow you to surround yourself with like-minded people who will help you take the entrepreneurship highway with the right mindset.

Our Entrepreneurship Programs

Our part-time incubator programs are designed to equip you and support your learning throughout the process of not just starting but, doing your business. Our courses include but are not limited to

  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship.

Why Should We be Trusted?

We are associated with several top globally recognized businesses that have put their complete faith and trust in us. Our partners are currently engaged to help you jump-start and grow your business:
  1. Psychologists & Mental Health Practitioners 
  2. International Business Training Programs.
  3. Business Leaders & Coaches.
  4. Business Support Service Providers 

Our Tools and Resources

Our tools and resources are designed to support you and provide you with a guidance manual that tackles all aspects of achieving your goals.

We offer a 360-degree approach to ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LEADERSHIP which covers all aspects and corners. Therefore, under the tag of Entrepreneurship & Leadership Academy, we offer umpteen amount of personalized services:

Mental Wellness
Mental Wellness
Business Coaching
Business Coaching

How Can Someone Get Started?

We hope to have piqued your interest, and in case we have, we would like to invite you to avail of our services.

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Feel free to contact us and set an appointment; we would love to discuss how you can join hands in growing our Entrepreneurship & Leadership Program.