Customer Experience

Transform your Customer Experience

Becoming integral to your customers’ lives means understanding their lifestyle meticulously, beyond the activities and behaviors they exhibit across every channel, but also the motivations that drive them too.

Developing a single, comprehensive view of current and prospective customer using the first, second, and third-party data (subject to GDPR) enables you to see the value your customers want, at what time, and through which channel. It also demonstrates where the best opportunities exist for new business models and for revenue generation.

The path to efficient and enduring customer-centricity lies in being able to address their needs swiftly and seamlessly. This can be accomplished by building or joining a robust partner ecosystem, deploying a customer-experience platform, and composing new features and functions for consumers as well as a seamless commerce for your business.

Connect Your Customer Experience

Delivering the right value at the right time to your customers starts with implementing an end-to-end customer experience platform; a unified data model that spans marketing, sales, and service journeys, so you can see and learn from your customers’ entire experience with your company.

Our customer experience platform entails a robust set of applications that are engineered to help you originate and manage customer relationships, maximize the yield across a wide array of customer touchpoints, produce data-driven growth, creates trusted experiences, and increase customer lifetime value. It allows your customers to discover products on their own, pay for them as they like, and have their needs anticipated rather than reacted to.

Gain a 360° View of Your Customer

To expand your company’s reach and deepen customer loyalty, your products and processes don’t need to be examined from a customer’s perspective, they need to be tested by users and adapted in real-time.

Our customer data platform (CDP) brings together online, offline, and third-party (subject to GDPR) customer data sources to create a single, dynamic view of each customer.

With built-in AI and ML, CDP derives and delivers timely intelligence about your customers so you can engage them when it matters, across any channel, with instant and accurate inquiry response, optimized pricing and marketing, and product recommendations. These are the tools needed to nurture relationships, so they remain rewarding to both parties, regardless of how their needs or your products change.

Cross Channel Campaign Automation

The digital marketing world is enamored of the idea of customer journeys which help us plot out a personalized path for customers based on their interests and behaviors to deliver more relevant experiences.
  • Remove Marketing Silos & Build Cross-Channel Experiences
    Campaign orchestration provides a centralized place to come together and orchestrate interactions across numerous channels. The exhaustive list includes email, mobile SMS, MMS, push notifications, in-app messages, display advertising, web campaigns, and mobile web campaigns.
  • Manage Audience Segments
    Model your customer profiles through your defined attributes and manage audience segments across any channel they utilize as you see best suited for your business growth and demand generation.
  • Build Personalized Experiences Based on User Behavior
    Within the orchestration canvas, pivot customer experiences based on a variety of user behaviors. These behaviors triggered event such as browse abandonment, site search, and many others allow you to keep pace with the rapidly shifting preferences of the modern consumer. Traditionally, these complex behaviors driven marketing messages were only possible for companies with large IT teams and the patience for custom solution development, however all these functions can be performed through our easy drag and drop interface.
  • Build Adaptive Experiences Based on Data
    While those tools allow you to build adaptive experiences based on rules you define, we have incorporated machine-learning and predictive techniques to orchestrate experiences.

    You will be able to optimize every part of the online and mobile app customer experience including website homepages, campaign landing pages, and multi-step checkout funnels.

    Within the orchestration canvas your marketing team will be able to also conduct a simple A/B test right up to more complex multivariate tests that help make informed decisions about the customer experience which makes the most sense and the corresponding optimization for communications.
  • Account Intelligence
    We will help you accurately identify the most engaged customers, prioritize, and gather insights on the next best actions as well as products of interest. You will gain a deeper understanding of account management at the contact and customer profile level.
  • Improve Targeting and Analysis with First-party Data
    Use your data for effective targeting and more accurate customer analytics. Design lookalike campaigns which can help acquire higher quality customers.
  • Lead Management
    Our lead scoring and nurturing tools help you in capitalizing on a buyer’s true intent while effectively driving revenue. With goals to increase speed to lead and drive the highest lead yield quality, you can deliver the highest volume of quality leads into the hands of your sales team sales.

    Lead scoring for lead management provides you with an intuitive way to accurately identify the best leads at the right time. Rather than using a points-based approach that can easily lead to false positives, it is better to evaluate each lead according to their percentage to ideal, based on any combination of profile (individual, account, and custom attributes) and engagement (native and external activities) criteria.

    With a rules-based approach, you can set up multiple models to evaluate a lead for the best fit. Lead scoring models are evaluated autonomously from campaigns, so leads are more quickly passed to sales automatically, based on campaign as well as organic activity. Both digital and offline activity can be used as scoring criteria.

    Furthermore, CRM Integrations offers productized, supported, two-way integrations to leading CRM system

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