Marketing Strategy and Planning

Marketing Strategy and Planning​

At Jacob International Group our marketing strategies are designed to produce a positive net marketing contribution (NMC) for each segment, product or service proposition.

They are developed to grow your marketing profitability by addressing market demand, market share, revenue, variable cost per customer and marketing expenses. This in turn generates an increased return on sales and investment.

Our Methodology

Strategic Marketing Plan

One of the biggest challenges of marketing is to bring more customers into the market. Therefore, marketing strategies to attract more customers and grow market demand offer one way to grow net profits for your business. In doing so, we help ensure your discounted cash flow from the long-term investment exceeds your investment itself.

In mature markets with a strong share position, we sometimes may find it impractical to grow market share and demand. In such circumstances, existing customers will remain to be your key strategic asset. In such markets our strategies are tailored to increase purchase rates and produce increased revenue per customer. This requires additional dollar spend to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and recommendation. This will help sustain your portfolio and increase customer retention rates, thus their lifetime value, to generate a higher net present value from your existing portfolio.

Another way to help increase your profitability is to increase marketing efficiency by lowering the fixed marketing expenditure. The more focused your business is with the target customers, the fewer the marketing dollars are spent to achieve the desired objectives.

Perhaps the most common marketing strategy for market penetration and to grow revenues and profits is to enhance market shares. This is a byproduct of awareness, preference, availability and intention to buy. It is eventually the outcome of product price, placement, and promotions.

Grow My Business marketing plans will feature recommendations on your pricing and the stratagem for distribution and channel partners to improve the availability of your offering. You will be able to focus on designing trade promotions across all intermediaries, consumer promotions to support strategic initiatives and sales support programs with a detailed step-by-step marketing plan, which incorporates what needs to happen, when, and who’s responsible for each step, while factoring any significant risks or threats associated with your plans and contingency plans for addressing them.

Consumer Promotions
Consumer Promotions

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Trade Promotions
Trade Promotions

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Sales Support
Sales Support

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Revenue Enhancement
Revenue Enhancement

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Finally, a defensive strategy can be utilized whereby we focus on decreasing costs of both your capex and opex through multiple methods. Such methods entail consolidation, divesting initiatives, deployment of cloud-based solutions, outsourcing and more. The biggest challenge would be to sustain satisfaction while growing net profits from increased marketing contributions.

Marketing Communications

We positively direct strategies around the customer decision making profile – the primary buyer(s) targeted in the marketing plan and incorporate factors that impact their choices.

Our marketing communication are designed to increase awareness for your brand by accentuating your company’s competitive advantages and convincing the market you are different and better.

We will incorporate your brand’s promise, voice, personality, positioning and strategic recommendations to what you are offering to your target market with recommended improvements to fit the needs of your target segments.

Your marketing strategy will factor in the objectives, messaging, and tactical approach for marketing campaign(s) to reach your target audiences. This is done through using a robust Identification of the key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaign activities and to provide clues about when to adjust course with all associated costs and budgets.

We help you find and deploy the right software for your business

Personal Selling

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