Business Strategy and Development

Business Strategy and Development

Many enterprises get stuck within the void cycle of underwhelming customers and stakeholders, due to poor customer focus which leads to distorted value propositions, resulting in poor customer satisfaction, and loyalty. This leads to higher customer churn rates and high marketing costs ensuing disappointing profit performances, which causes stagnant stakeholders value represented in management frustration and causes pressure on short term results.

Grow My Business deals with this negative cycle patiently by formulating strategies to bestow your business with continuing success. You don’t have to constantly be worried about sales and market shares because we ensure that we work on driving your customers’ profitability coupled with high satisfaction to exponentially drive the life expectancies of your customers and the brand advocacy to support your business’s sustainability.

Our Methodology

Our strategies are developed to grow profitability addressing market demand, market share, revenue per customer, variable cost per customer, and marketing expenses.

In understanding any route, we look at the market development index, the market share index, the elasticity of product features, the customer adoption forces and the rate of penetration. This is done best through a product auditing process and usage and acceptance testing to help you shift from capacity to demand driven marketing, where you can have a broader market vision to enter untapped market opportunities.

The strategies, action plans, and budgets are also set up while observing the accountability matrices of the business to make it more effective in achieving defined goals and visions.

  • Research
    We thoroughly inspect the marketplace and conduct data about the competitive environment and analyze the business competencies to develop, before launching any products and services to the market, a scientific conceptualization for the long-term sustainability of your business.
  • Product Portfolio Audit
    We conduct a comprehensive audit of all the dimensions of your product quality; these include the quality killers, the quality drivers, quality enhancers and the quality aesthetics.
  • Vertical and Lateral Demand Audit
    Roll out a gap analysis across all products and services and match it with the market lateral and vertical demand. This exercise will result in the design of your brand depth and width. Expressly, we discover the unarticulated needs of served customers and un-served customers to decide on the vertical (products) and lateral demand (sales) in the markets you compete. Based on the vertical and lateral demand analysis we will decide on the market development index versus the market share index, which will set the mindset for band width, brand depth and complementary product attributes.
  • Market Development versus Share Development
    Bridge the Market Share Index with Market Development Index, to decide as to whether we work on developing the lateral demand or the vertical demand to realize sales.
  • Vertical and Lateral Demand Analysis for Accelerating Growth (Scoring Module)
    Understand the market penetration by how your product adoption forces (attributes) and your customer adoption forces (benefits) interact and decide whether you develop the attributes or enhance the benefits, or totally kill your product or redesign it. The customer adoption forces are based on Kano Research methods for understanding customer expectations versus product adoption forces based on differentiation and customer value. This has to must be done to the above performance metrics. So, for all new products, services, enhancements we make sure that processes are followed, because the rate of market penetration and growth is dependent on the attractiveness, customer characteristics (segments) to design marketing efforts.
  • Factors Distressing Vertical Demand
    Identify the untapped market opportunity i.e., the market share potential by understanding the share development index.
  • Promotions Opportunity Analysis
    Apply Market Performance Metrics to give a strategic view to the business in accordance with our clients’ business requirements.

Brand Research & Brand Reputation Management

Our Brand Health Program entails measuring the brand health metrics vis a vis competition, the brand perception whereby we understand the customers functional and emotional relationships & perceptions/associations with your company and finally measuring the drivers for your brand equity.
Brand Health Program

Brand Equity as Catalyst for Choice

Brand Share

Financial Metrics

Financial Metrics

Market, Customer & Service Metrics

Market Performance Metrics
Brand Research
Brand Research
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Financial Performance
Financial Performance
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Market Performance
Market Performance
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Competitive Performance
Competitive Performance​
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Customer Performance Research
Customer Performance​

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Service Standard Audit
Service Standard Audit​
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In Process Audit
In Process Audit

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With ample experience, we have helped many small and large businesses to develop a business strategy that has enabled growth, we are confident that we can do the same for you.
Business Sectors
Our team of adept professionals have helped numerous businesses grow and develop an omnidirectional strategy for their business persuasively delivers your business services and products to its target audience with high efficiency.

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