Meet the Founder

Meet The Founder

Jacob Dermelkonian is a skillful strategic planner and a top- performing business development, marketing, and communications professional with more than 2 decades of collectively accumulated experience in the Middle East, GCC region, and Europe. 

He has cultivated expertise in research and analytics across markets and customer metrics proficient in building agile brand paradigms and equity command, segmentation, and customer value modeling. His robust familiarity in business integration, experience design, and in disruptive innovations, best serves in leading successful business expansion and transformations and in ensuing an effective 360 degrees brand management across the entire customer journey and to improve the market positioning. 

He is proficient in enhancing the portfolio quality, cultivating sales pipelines, attrition management, and generating income growth. Simply put, his business acumen is brilliant and his practice of delivering measurable targets is notable in customer acquisitions and customer retentions through the design of salient products, suitable distribution, processes for fulfillment, pricing, and the formation of accurate marketing programs. 

Through diligent customer profiling, sketching of customer personas, forecasting, and portfolio optimization across the sales cycle management process, Jacob can help interpret, leverage, and master the buying signals and best help improve business generation and acquisitions from mass customization to harnessing loyal customers through hyper personalization. 

Veteran in integrated communications, particularly his immersion with Martech gives him a remarkable capability in the practice of go- to-market strategies to support the creation of multidimensional customer experiences and real time retargeting. Also, through the deployment of automated marketing systems and by utilizing, monitoring, and optimizing all digital mediums for inbound marketing dominance, Jacob can drive revenue growth, speed-up market penetration, and enhance profitability within highly competitive organizations and markets and across the entire breadth of products and services. 

Jacob Dermelkonian has a prodigious reputation for his excellent digital media strategic vision and exceptional skillset in operational capabilities of running campaigns from building domain authority to precision modeling and dexterity to deliver great content marketing solutions for running digital campaigns designed for growth. He is able to create a sustainable marketing attribution model with an increased focus on exposure, traffic, leads, and conversions. 

Jacob has long served as Head of Marketing in the banking industry across the Middle East and the Gulf region with profound knowledge of various financial instruments and banking solutions and products, servicing all business verticals and functional groups. He has also been immersed in servicing the brand across correspondent offices internationally and marketing for retail banking activities in Southeast Asia- India. 

In fulfilling his responsibilities pertaining to his strategic roles, he chief the bridging of marketing efforts and corporate business goals to drive synergies and to generate a positive net marketing contribution and an increased return on investment, all through the follows of market development, share enhancement, revenue optimization, cost reduction and enrichment of service delivery performance goals and quality, and through digitization of all transactions across all customer touchpoints and by developing efficient marketing solutions and schemes. 

Jacob has excellent project management, leadership skills, and team-building capabilities suited to champion a productivity-driven culture and change management which leads to continuous long- term results. He can deploy sound quality and performance controls, create a better allocation of resources, smart budgeting, and build efficacious business partnerships and affiliates. 

With academic qualifications that include a Master’s in Marketing, a Bachelor in Business & Economics, Diplomas in Digital Marketing, and multiple internationally accredited certifications from London, United States, and Europe. Jacob started his entrepreneurship crossing in 2013 while still working in banking, offering consulting services mainly across multiple industries across Europe, with a concentration on startups, and small and medium enterprises in Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Spain and more. 

Using his technical expertise, competencies, professional experience, and skills gained over the years, Jacob Dermelkonian has laid the foundation of a take-off platform for new businesses and a source of future planning and development for existing players in the market. This was the dawn of Jacob International Group. 

He wanted to jump start more than just a business development consultancy; he wanted Jacob International Group to become an enabler in supporting entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises with affordable and quality business and marketing consulting services and marketing agency support functions. 

He has entered the market with the objective of leveling the field to provide equal opportunities to all forms of businesses to explore the prospect of growth to the best of their abilities with their available resources.