Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Grow My Business applies the best search engine optimization strategies that allow your brand and products to be visible at the top of all searches. Our execution framework is designed across a diverse group of activities with the shared purpose of increasing owned content’s visibility and value to consumers around the purchase journey.

Our optimization & activation activities level with search engine algorithm requirements. Equally, our expertise in user experience design and search engine conversion rate optimization is your gateway to boosting conversions and acquiring customers for your business.

In short, Grow My Business provides you with on-page and off-page optimization to boost your website traffic and to find potential clients.

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On Page SEO
On Page SEO
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Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO
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SEO Content
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Schema Rich Snippets
Schema-Rich Snippets
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SEO Google My Business
Google My Business
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Organic Performance Measurement Framework

  • Improve organic visibility by gaining top positions in SERPS. You will be able to increase your website authority allowing you to take first organic positions, guaranteeing user attention & high CTR to your brand’s websites.
  • Increase in paid quality score via organic enhancements. Adopting a granular approach allows us to respect the value chain, maximize quality score (QS) and eventually help reduce the PPC’s cost per conversion.
Organic Performance Measurement

Strategic Organic Performance Plan & Approach

Strategic Organic Performance

SEO Conversion Rate Optimization

‘Grow My Business’ analyze the user journey and the relevant hooks and drivers together with finding the barriers to purchase. You will be able understand who your visitors are and learn what paths your website users follow, what actions they take, and what’s stopping them from completing your goals.
  • What persuaded your users to complete an action (form submission, transaction, CTRs onto acquisition page).
  • Drivers- What channels, and what exactly (motivations) is bringing customers to your site?
  • Barriers- what made users leave.

UX Research

Consists of quantitative and qualitative research and hypothesis building. We work on identifying hotspots and click patterns.

  • Session Recordings give the ability to view uses behavior and their journey from page to page.
  • Heatmap analysis to show the hotspots and weak areas of the landing page.
  • Scroll map monitors analyze user drop off rates and page exit behavior; this function can identify the content triggers that need to be improved.

A/B Test

We help you optimize the conversion rate of your website by testing the hypothesis and analyzing the gathered user behavior findings and comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better.

Link Management

We boost your website credibility through backlink building and promoting brand recognition via traceable branded URL generation.

Paid Media Support

  • PPC
    We help you set up, manage, modify, and track the performance of PPC campaigns to drive higher percentage of interested users searching on the web for products and services to your website and pay only when people act based on your goals.
  • Display Ads
    We lead your display advertising efforts to attract the target audience from different digital avenues to your website with an optimal bidding strategy and retarget previous visitors to your site to encourage them to return to the website and take the same action (or an action at a different stage of the funnel).

Our paid digital media is designed around the customer journey, precision modeling and cross channel campaign attribution to drive performance. We also meticulously exhume and block malicious and non-converting traffic (click fraud).

We help you find and deploy the right software for your business

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