Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data is a new, high-value asset which has empowered the growth of digital giants in targeting customers more effectively and boost sales. Similarly, to thrive, your company must run a seamless integration of systems and devices into user activities to enable and inspire your business strategy.

Data Driven Customer Experience

To thrive in today’s market, real-time data and responsive marketing efforts are essential to carter to the sophisticated informed customer’s demands and their need for customized products and services and personalized experiences at every touchpoint which eventually will drive the performance and success of your company.

Now is the opportune time to start constantly collecting, ingesting, and analyzing data to make informed decision and to proactively act on the customers, competition, and market trends more efficiently. By integrating all your customer data, a single customer view provides you with the right launchpad to become truly customer-centric and reap its rewards.

Data Driven Customer Experience

Data Strategy

Our data strategy will help improve your data management across your entire enterprise and align your resources effectively.

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The data science engineers at Jacob International group will enable your proactive business decisions, the ability to bring relevant products, services and to personalize offers to your target audience. You will be effortlessly optimizing the efficiency of your processes and mitigate risks.
Business Intelligence Our Service

Business Intelligence - AI Machine Learning

We have all witnessed the transition of data management from business intelligence to advanced analytics up till the eventual emergence of artificial intelligence. To safeguard your digital transformative journey on the road to success, you need to identify your company’s scale of intelligence in terms of data management, beforehand.

What is Business Intelligence?

In principle, the foundational purpose of business intelligence is to be enable your business with an understanding of your customers’ data, based on their historical transactions, associated behavior to predict preferences and habits as well anticipate new sales opportunities to customize marketing campaigns. 

Evolve from Predictive Modeling to Artificial Intelligence

You will be able to runs simulations, to create all future possible data points, to learn faster than the pace of time. With this undisputed catalyst for industry-wide disruption, you can benefit from SaaS delivery – leverages decreasing cost and increasing the capacity of computing.

Accelerate your business with predictive methods and new simulated data contributions to find the optimal outcome for your business. With AI you will be able to create personalized customer experiences and optimize decision making by identifying predictive patterns between products, processes, promotions, and their net effect on sales.

The team at Jacob International Group is equipped to help you identify the use cases whereby you can apply AI strategically to avoid just automating current outdated business models. We fundamentally start exploring your business strategy, spotting the business challenges, and identifying your strategic priorities where we can use artificial intelligence.

Benefits of Machine Learning

Benefits of Machine Learning

Our Embedded Analytics Solution

Our Embedded Analytics Solution

We help you find and deploy the right software for your business

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