Lead Generation Software

Helps businesses automate lead generation activities such as contact management, lead segmentation, form customization, surveys, social media marketing, lead assignment, and post-sale follow-up. Lead generation tools allow users to create web forms that capture leads data from sources including company websites and social media. Visitors to these pages might be required to complete a contact form to access restricted or gated information, such as pricing. These tools can also integrate with other applications such as CRM and customer service software.

Lead Management Software

Helps your businesses capture and track sales leads throughout the sales lifecycle. It automatically adds leads to the sales funnel and lets you monitor and track them until they are successfully converted or dropped. This type of software offers a centralized platform to manage lead details, score, and segment leads, analyse and report performance, and record communication between sales personnel and leads.

Predictive Leads Scoring Software

Predictive Lead Scoring software surfaces the most promising leads from CRM and marketing automation systems by applying predictive models to a variety of lead characteristics, often utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Channel Management Software

Channel Management software allows companies to streamline their distribution and sales efforts by organizing your clients into specific segments and keeping track of marketing outreach and buying patterns.

Contact Management Software

Contact management software enables the storage, tracking, and management of contact information across an organization. Contact management system helps organizations function more effectively by distributing current contact information for customers, contractors, vendors, and more across all levels and locations. These systems help businesses manage and promote leads, archive customer interactions, log employee tasks, report engagement analytics, and schedule events and tasks.

Referral Software

This software is a tech tool that automates the process of creating, customizing, launching, and tracking referral campaigns by rewarding customers for recommending a brand to their friends and family. It helps you encourage customers to refer others by offering rewards in the form of vouchers, coupons, loyalty cards, and more. The software can also analyse consumer behaviour and offer insights to better understand which type of referral program should be used to target different customer categories.

Sales Force Automation Software

Helps businesses automate marketing processes and allows for end-to-end management of marketing campaigns including campaign design, tracking, content publishing, customer segmentation, and marketing analytics.

Sales Forecasting Software

Sales Forecasting software can help your company plan, budget, and forecast expenses and revenue with advanced modelling and analysis tools.

Sales Tracking Software

Sales Tracking software enables businesses and sales teams to monitor pipelines, manage steps in the sales process, and track key performance numbers.

Subscription Management

Subscription Management software supports businesses by offering their products and services on a subscription basis by enabling flexible billing options and promotion automation.

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