Customer Service Software

A ticketing system that documents, tracks, and resolves customer queries. It collates customer requests from multiple channels (phone, email, live chat, and social media) into a single portal so that agents can quickly and easily address queries.

The software allows multiple agents to work on each ticket, making it easier for different departments to collaborate on meeting customer needs. The tool also provides detailed reports and insights into customer interactions, helping organizations assess the quality of their customer service.

Customer Success

Customer Success software helps companies ensure that their clients achieve the outcomes intended by these companies (such as customer retention and satisfaction).

Customer Satisfaction Software

Customer Satisfaction software allows businesses to collect, organize, and manage customer feedback. Customer Satisfaction software can integrate with Customer Relationship Management and Product Management solutions to help apply the acquired feedback to business interactions and product development.

Customer Reference Management

Customer Reference Management software encompasses sales and marketing solutions that automate the processes of capturing success stories, keeping track of reference usage and calculating ROI.

CRM Software

CRM leveraged by sales teams to boost business revenue and sales performance. CRM ads value at all stages of the sales process from helping you capture & identify top leads, nurture deals via automated email & SMS campaigns, collaborate with teammates, analyse & forecast revenue, streamline meetings, spot deals at risk, manage proposals & quotes, and ultimately win more deals.

Customer Support Software

Customer Support software allows businesses to engage with customers through multiple communication channels such as live chat, email, ticketing, social media integrations, and more to handle customer needs.

Complaint Management

Complaint Management software helps to track, organize, and resolve customer complaints and maximizes the productivity of the employees who deal with customers directly.

Customer Loyalty Software

Customer loyalty software helps businesses set up and run loyalty programs to reward frequent and faithful customers. Gift cards, discount vouchers, and cashback are some of the rewards used by retailers, merchants, eCommerce firms, airlines, restaurants, and other businesses to drive repeat sales and increase customer lifetime value.

Key features of this software include campaign design, loyalty program management, rewards management, CRM, customer segmentation, and performance analytics.

Membership Management Software

Membership Management software automates the management of membership within associations, communities, and other member-based organizations.

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